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FAQ 常見問題

A. Delivery

  1. Do you do delivery?
    Yes. We charge according to district. The recipient needs to pick up the balloons from the delivery van. Door-to-door delivery +$100 on top of delivery charge.
  2. How do I get free delivery?
    We do not offer free delivery.
  3. How much for Causeway Bay delivery?
  4. Same for all across HK Island. ($120 Mon-Fri ; $140 Sat, Sun & Holidays)
  5. Can I specify the time of delivery?
    You can choose any ONE HOUR time slot within the following time range:
    Mon-Sat: 11pm-8pm
    Sun & Holidays: 11pm-3pm
    For example: 21 Nov 2-3pm
  6. Can I have balloons delivered outside of the normal hours?
    Yes but there will be extra charge of $100 per hour.
    e.g. Delivery at 9-10am will be extra $200. You can add the extra amount by adding the the Shipping item to your shopping cart.
  7. Will you decorate the room for me?
    Setup fee is $800 up on top of the balloon price and the delivery charge. Please confirm at least one week in advance.

B. About the Balloons

  1. How long can the balloon fly?
    Foil balloons (except air-fill) will fly for 3-5 days.
    Latex (12 inch) will fly for 8-10 hours.
  2. Is there a minimum purchase quantity?
  3. Price includes helium, ribbon and balloon weight?
    Price includes helium inflation (expcet air-fill only balloons). Ribbon included. Balloon weight is not included except the following:
      34" Letters / numbers: hex nuts
      Set of 5: Mass
      Packages: Mass (as stated in package description, e.g. Bday package B includes 2 Mass)
  4. How many balloons weights do I need if I want the balloons to stand alone?
    Balloon Weight (Tag): $3
    12" Latex: +$3 per balloon
    18" foil: +$3 per balloon
    Above 18" balloon: +$6 per balloon
  5. How many balloons weights do I need if I want to arrange the balloons in bundles?
    Balloon Weight (Mass): $18
    One Mass can hold up to 15 pcs 12" latex balloons.
    If you need 3 bundles you will need 3 balloon weight
  6. I will fill the balloons myself later. Any discount for no fill balloons?
    Plain latex: $4/pc
    Foil: 20% off (except air-fill products no discount)
  7. I want to print logo on the balloon.
    Please email us your logo in .ai or high resolution .jpeg, .jpg, .pdf or .png.
    12" Latex balloons: 
      $500/100pcs (single color, single side printing, does not include inflation)
      $980/500pcs (+$100 every 100pcs thereafter)
      Inflation: Helium $10/pc ; Air with stick $5/pc
      Production lead time: 1-2 weeks
      For 4C printing MOQ is 10000pcs
    18" Foil balloon:
      MOQ: 50pcs (single color, double side printing)
      Inflation: Helium $25/pc ; Air with stick $10/pc
      Production lead time: 1-2 weeks
  8. I have the balloons can you refill them for me?
    12" Latex: $12/pc
    18" Foil: $28/pc
    Foils around 35": $100/pc
    Foil balloons other size: 20% off our retail price
    Some balloons cannot fly even if filled with helium:
    10" latex (or any under 10")
    16" foil balloon (or any under 16")
    32" foil letter balloon (Made in China)
  9. When do I need to order?
    If you want a specific balloon please order at least one week in advance. Otherwise you can pop in our Causeway Bay shop and pick the balloons. We can fill them immediately. However, If you need the balloons on Saturdays please place your order in advance as Saturdays are usually very busy and you may need to wait for 30min to an hour. 
  10. Can I order now and pay when I pick up / you deliver the balloons?
    We will only keep stock and inflate balloons for paid orders as the balloons cannot be flattened once inflated. 
  11. My balloons are deflated when I bring them to restaurant.
    All balloons deflate a little bit in air-conditioned venues instantly. They will inflate again if placed in outdoor environment. If you wish to avoid deflation, please use a hand pump or a straw to inflate the balloons. However, overly inflated balloons may burst easily.

Others please refer to terms and conditions.

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